If and When

I logged into Facebook this afternoon with every intention of deleting my account because I don't use it anymore and the first thing that popped up after I'd entered the correct credentials was one of those On This Day reminders for a post that my sister published on this day four years ago.

First of all, thanks Kel.

Secondly, I wound up not bidding farewell to Facebook today after all because beneath that very lovely photo of me being extra was one that my Aunt Debbie Scholten had posted of my dad and I making ourselves into mush over Harrison, the then-brandsy newest member of our familia.

I'm sure I'll get rid of Facebook at some point down the road, but for now I'm gonna hang onto it, if only for the potential to be delightfully surprised by a long-forgotten memory if and when I decide to log in again.

A Dozen Years Ago Today

This web log began a dozen years ago today.

I had just started my senior year at NYU and LiveJournal was all the rage. The screen name I posted under was a lyric from the song "Rent" from the musical Rent which I was completely and totally obsessed with. I was still in the closet then and was therefore likely a bit miserable inside, but I had guts and took chances and the world didn't terrify me yet. My first entry, like oh-so-many of the ones that followed it, wasn't at all good but it did garner one very sweet comment from Jess, a long-lost high school friend.