Another Square Goodbye

I headed over to Square's headquarters for lunch today because, for the first time since I left more than four years ago, one of my original Square besties is moving on. Adam, who I shared a table with when the company employed only seventy-five people (it's got well over 2,000 employees now), is gonna take a little bit of time off after nearly seven years there.

We shared a great lunch, the seven of us, and as they walked back to their desks and I took the train back to my job, I couldn't help but get emotional.

I moved to San Francisco to work for Square when it was a tiny startup. I was twenty-six then and I didn't know anybody in the Bay Area so the folks in that picture up there were my first San Francisco family. When I looked around the table today everybody seemed so happy and so much more grown up than we were when we first met each other all that time ago. And even though it's sad to know that they won't all be together every day anymore, I'm happy for Adam and I'm happy for the rest of them and I'm happy for myself because, thanks to Square, we'll know each other always.

Flight Prep

I found out today that I have to be in Champaign, Illinois tomorrow morning for work so I booked a flight and got a room and now it's 10:49pm and I'm sitting in a booth at Vino Volo in Terminal 2 at SFO preparing for a red-eye.

Today was pretty damn awesome for many reasons that I would be happy to share in private and I'm hoping that the next few days follow suit.

Also, today marks the five-year anniversary of my one and only on-site interview with Square, which went well (obviously) and prompted a complete career change and a move across the country to a place where I knew nobody but now know all of the best people, including Bevan, who's at home cuddling with the pups right now, which makes me jealous to no end. I told the woman who conducted that Square interview those things today and she was v. happy. Anyhooter, enjoy sleep, everybody but me!