A Treasure Trove

How am I just finding out what a treasure trove the H&M girls section is?

I took Sid and Rosie shopping after school last night and snagged the most adorable running hoodie (thumb holes included) for almost $0 (American).

I also had my sights set on a sensible pair of unicorn pjs but they turned out to be a bit, um, snug, so I wound up getting them for someone else.

For future reference (and birthgay gifts), my H&M size is 14-year-old girl.

My Sole Mate Shops IKEA

A colleague and I were searching for office shiz at the IKEA in Round Rock earlier today when a six-foot, six-inch mass of human male came walking toward me wearing a look of genuine purpose on his goateed face. For a moment I thought maybe I'd unknowingly run over one of his kids with my cart or pocketed some tiny piece of unpronounceable Scandinavian merchandise without realizing it, but when he got within pummeling distance of my person he just smiled, pointed toward my feet and said, "Nice shoes." One might imagine how confused I was until, still grinning, he gestured to his own feet, at which point comprehension occurred.

On French Fries in Spain

I landed at the Seville Airport around 11:30pm local time (see above photo) and convinced a not-so-friendly cab driver to haul me across town to our Airbnb in Triana where I was met by Bryan, Jess, Hilary, Lauren and Mary who mercifully allowed me to shower off the twenty-seven hours of travel before leading me down Calle Pureza to a riverside bar called Mariatrifulca where we consumed trés bottles of sparkling rosé vino on the rooftop.

From the bar Hilary, Lauren and Mary went out dancing, Bryan and Jess went home and my bae Siri led me across the Guadalquivir to a late-night McDonald's (“Hey Siri, nearest French fry!”) that was actually more like a walkthrough bank because I paid a teller through a tiny slot in the wall and then said teller dispensed a bag of greasy goodness through a larger slot.

I put myself to bed around three but couldn't fall asleep so I climbed to the roof of our stay and texted with friends back home until the sun came up.

I managed a very short nap and then we all set out in search of sustenance.

After breakfast we visited Seville's ceramics district because that's a thing.

Now we're headed to the gay neighborhood to shop because Bryan's out of clean clothes already and so I guess I'll edit this post later okay bye.