My Second Seder

Last night B and I traveled over the Golden Gate Bridge to Charlie and Danielle's place in Tiburon to consume wine and unleavened foods whilst taking turns reading from the Haggadah in the name of Jewish tradition.

Incidentally, Charlie and Danielle's Passover Seder was only my second ever. My first took place exactly six years ago at the house I currently live in on the night B and I got hooked up. I think it's important to note that the only love connection made during last night's celebration was between  Reggie, Charlie and Danielle's puppy dog, and the brisket Bevan made.

Keala Settle Should Get a Freakin' Grammy for This Performance

I just got home from seeing The Greatest Showman at Westfield with Bevan and I might've loved it even more than that goddamn Costco chicken bake.

My favorite character in the movie, besides Zac Efron's sideburns, was Keala Settle's bearded lady. I found the following video of her performing This Is Me during a workshop for The Greatest Showman and her performance in it is probably as close as I'll ever get to seeing god. I mean, even freakin' Wolverine was a sloppy puddle of mush by the end of it.