We started with a stroll down Macondry Lane, the inspiration for Barbary Lane in my best friend Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City novels.

Then we hauled ourselves to the Tenderloin to the site of the Compton’s Cafeteria riots, one of the first recorded LGBT-related riots in United States history and the beginning of transgender activism in San Francisco.

And finally, after a pit stop at the new beer hall on Market (for sustenance), we posted up in front of Gilbert Baker’s glorious rainbow flag for a photo.

Thank you, Judy, for indulging me my big queer tour of San Francisco.

All eight miles of it.

Judy and the Lobe

Whilst puttering through town in a friend's vehicle last weekend I spotted my former work wife Judy and her husband Kevin crossing the street in front of us so I rolled down my window and yelled "Get out of the road!" and they both stopped walking and looked at me like I was a complete and total nut-job and then they realized who it was and that their gut reactions were accurate and I was like "Judy, let's get together this week!" and she was like "Okay fine whatever you crazy idiot." so this afternoon we partook in a lovely catch-up stroll along the Embarcadero with one another and at the end of it I snapped a selfie of Judy and my gigantic left earlobe.

This certainly isn't the first time one of my lobes has stolen the spotlight.

Word of the Day: Kismet

I was strolling down Fillmore Street sans left cheek stitches following an appointment to have them snipped out at the California Skin Institute in Pacific Heights this morning when who did I spot quite literally running right at me but my former dear colleague and current dear friend Judy.

"What are you doing here?" we asked each other at the same time.

Being the steadfast jock that she is, Judy was taking a break from her busy workday to squeeze a run in when we caught sight of one another and, as luck would have it, both of us had a spare half an hour to sip caffeine and play catch-up, so we popped over to a nearby Starbucks and did just that.