It Never Changes

Jamie sent me these yesterday.

They were snapped at her wedding reception, which took place at a lodge on a mountaintop in Oregon on the first day of June. Initially I looked at the pictures and thought “My head looks huge and shiny, probably cuz my shirt’s so tiny.” (Yeah, I think in rhymes, what up?) But someday, likely far sooner than I can even fathom now, I’ll look at them and think “Wow, I had hair! And teeth! And no gut! And oh my goodness that baby blue suit! God I loved that suit! I got it on that rainy day shopping adventure in London with Bevan and Chris! And there’s Jeremy and Saph! Goodness it’s been forever! I really should give them a call!”

I also appreciate how well the photos capture Bevan, like really capture him, even though they only show part of his face. When he and I are on a dance floor together, any dance floor, he gets this full-body smile and I can tell, even without seeing it, that he’s wearing it in those pictures, that smile he reserves just for me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this:

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”
Andy Warhol

Also, I don’t have a butt. I’m saying that, too.

Don’t Settle Down

A friend of mine is getting hitched on a mountain in Oregon this weekend and yesterday her mom emailed me a request for “one or two pearls of wisdom you might have for the newly weds”. Because I possess exactly zero wisdom, I asked Bevan for relationship advice that I could share. Laughing, he responded, “Don’t settle down with someone thirty years older than you.”

Sick burn, B.

This Is Jamie

Kari and I had brunch with Jamie, who's in town from Portland for a yoga thing until Monday, at Pizzaiolo in OAK this morning. Even though we only spent forty-five minutes together cuz I had to get back to the City in order to be on time for my team's first soccer game she made us laugh a bunch and used her iPad to take pics and she's just the crazy-go-awesomest.

Jamie and I met one another while working at Square in 2012 but didn't become friends until we were both staffed to work on a video shoot at an ice cream parlor in the Mission for a now-defunct Square product. We had spent the whole of that fourteen-hour day being delirious and goofy because we were so tired from our 5:00am call time and we've been close to very close friends ever since. Jamie, much like Ezra and Sam and oh-so-many other rad peeps in my life, is one of those wonderfully endless souls. She went to Harvard Westlake (with Jake Gyllenhaal) and studied art and dance at Brown and then earned an MBA from Berkeley and held marketing jobs at Square and then Pandora before bouncing out of the tech world to teach yoga and spend more time making sense of the human condition. She reads a ton and doesn't consume any alcohol or meat or very much sugar and she's obsessed with Rumi, the thirteenth century Sufi mystic, and she's a great listener and a loyal friend and her laugh is infectious and I really think the world of her.

Also, earlier this summer Jamie called me at work to tell me that she had just woken up from a dream in which the Golden Gate Bridge was a roller coaster that she was really scared to ride but did so anyway in order to get back to San Francisco from Marin and upon waking up from said dream she felt that it meant that she had finally conquered the Bay Area after spending ten years here and that she was going to move to Portland and adopt a dog, both of which she did last month. Oh, and a few years ago Jamie offered to drop Kari and I off on Berkeley's campus for a book thing with David Sedaris but she couldn't find her car (she loses her things sometimes) and when I asked her if it was in a parking lot her response was, "No, I think I left it in one of those open-air parking markets." to which I replied, "I'm pretty sure that you just very accurately described a parking lot."