In Which I Took the Day Off

I took the day off from work today so B and I could delight in a Gay Day Out. It started with crepes and mimosas at Squat & Gobble on 16th Street and then we downloaded Detour's detour of the Castro (it's narrated by the Cleve Jones) and set off on a two and a half hour exploration of San Francisco's gayborhood. Even though I lived in the Castro for a while (it was awesome), Cleve's tour led me to discover a bunch of stuff that I've walked by hundreds of times but never noticed, like tiny parks, interesting plaques and the beautiful mosaic of quotes at Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy.

Come Out Quote.jpg

Like Harvey Milk, Bevan represented the Castro as a member of the Board of Supervisors so while we were walking he'd pluck out an earbud to share a story of his own or to point out a project that he worked on while he was a Supe. His name can be found on a bunch of dedications throughout the neighborhood. He also knew like every other person we walked by, which I'm sure is a bit like how it would have been to walk around with Harvey.

The tour ended at Catch on Market but we backtracked a bit and popped into Moby Dick's on 18th Street for frozen margaritas because Bevan got to choose and Bevan always chooses frozen margaritas at Moby Dick's.

After napping with the dogs we looped ties around our necks and took a Lyft to Wildhawk in the Mission for a holiday gathering with people Bevan knows. A bunch of politicos were milling around the tiny bar including the current mayor of San Francisco and two previous ones. A big dinner at Hog & Rocks followed. I had a burger with an egg on it, three Old Fashioneds and good conversations about theater, London and Jodi Picoult novels. B had to pick Sid up from the babysitter's house so a friend walked me home. Now I'm washing down my buzz with a ten-piece nugget from Micky D's.

Today was a good day.