H Takes Manhattan

My sister caught my five-year-old nephew stuffing legos and a blanket into his backpack this afternoon, the teepee from his playroom rolled up on the floor next to him, and the following conversation ensued.

Kelly: What are you doing?

Harrison: Packing.

Kelly: I can see that. Where are you going?

Harrison: New York.

Kelly: How come?

Harrison: To see the beautiful lights.

Kelly: And what’s the teepee for?

Harrison: I don’t want to pay for a hotel.

Something tells me that kid will do just fine in the Big Apple.

The Triple Threat

The following conversation took place during a FaceTime call earlier today.

Brother-In-Law Chris: We're becoming vegetarians.

Four-Year-Old Nephew Harrison: No, I'm becoming a policeman. I will send bad people who say shut up and make fires to jail.

Me: And who's gonna put out the fires?

Four-Year-Old Nephew Harrison: I am.

Me: Wait, are you gonna be a fireman or a policeman?

Four-Year-Old Nephew Harrison: Both. I will be a fireman and a policeman.

Me: That sounds great!

Four-Year-Old Nephew Harrison: And a ninja.

Me: Oh wow, a ninja, too? That's impressive.

Four-Year-Old Nephew Harrison: Yeah, at my age.