I Tried, Mom

I was gonna share a happy memory about my mom on this web log today but I didn’t get very many words down before the ache in my guts became too much. So instead I headed to Dolores Park to picnic with friends before returning home to stuff myself with Kentucky Fried Chicken whilst watching Instant Family with Bevan and the canines. Even though she’s not here to tell me as much, I know my mom would’ve understood.

Decided Not To

I was gonna use this space to bitch about my day today but then I visited my mom's blog and read what she posted exactly four years ago and decided not to because I'm alive and healthy and fuck everything else.

ALS Clinic Day

February 6, 2014

On Monday Mark, Kelly and I spent six hours at St. Mary's Hospital in the ALS Clinic. During the visit we were put into the V.I.P. room with a comfy reclining chair.

The reality of this disease is getting brutally evident especially during the last few clinic visits as we hear words like feeding tube, motorized wheelchair, cough assist machines and breathing machines. It sounds awful and I'm sure at times it will be but so far we are adjusting to the changes and we just need to keep trusting.

During these visits we laugh a lot and sometimes cry, but mostly we laugh. Yesterday Kelly came back from the bathroom and said, "You’ve got to check out the heated toilet seat in the bathroom. It's awesome." A little later Mark took me to the bathroom and not only was the toilet seat heated but with a push of a button this toilet washes and dries your butt.

After we finished in the bathroom Mark and I went back to our V.I.P. room where Kelly was waiting and she asked what we thought of the toilet and Mark said, "It's hard to believe I could some day be replaced by a toilet."

Seriously, I am not making this stuff up.