A Sunday Night Journal Entry

This evening Bevan and I made stuffed peppers for dinner and my Grandma Beckman’s special-occasion Cool Whip and sliced fruit dish for dessert while carrying on with one another about big things and small things and nothings as Buddy and Ellie snoozed on the furniture in the living room and the soundtrack from A Star is Born played just above a whisper around us.

Austin Calorie Tour

A longtime furniture vendor invited me out last night to celebrate the (near) completion of my company's new office in Austin and below is a list of foods that we consumed between the hours of 6:30pm and midnight.

  • avocado slices and jalapeño peppers wrapped in raw sea bass
  • fried calamari
  • steak tartare
  • French fries
  • a beet salad
  • crab fritters
  • potato gnocchi
  • spicy egg rolls from a food truck that was parked inside a bar made out of shipping containers
  • chicken tikka masala with a side of naan
  • a bag of donuts (each) with caramel and Nutella dipping sauces
  • Detroit-style pizza

Alcohol may have been involved.