This Day Was Good

I got to work early, had a productive morning, ate lunch on the water with TaskRabbit Amy, had a productive afternoon, caught up on FaceTime with Le, Jamie, Kelly, my dad, Bryan and Jess, chatted on the phone with Laura, ran five miles, worked out, ate a healthy dinner, showered, watched two episodes of Queer Eye (B cried, obvi) and am now cuddling with my dogs.

The Triple Threat

The following conversation took place during a FaceTime call earlier today.

Brother-In-Law Chris: We're becoming vegetarians.

Four-Year-Old Nephew Harrison: No, I'm becoming a policeman. I will send bad people who say shut up and make fires to jail.

Me: And who's gonna put out the fires?

Four-Year-Old Nephew Harrison: I am.

Me: Wait, are you gonna be a fireman or a policeman?

Four-Year-Old Nephew Harrison: Both. I will be a fireman and a policeman.

Me: That sounds great!

Four-Year-Old Nephew Harrison: And a ninja.

Me: Oh wow, a ninja, too? That's impressive.

Four-Year-Old Nephew Harrison: Yeah, at my age.

Dessert With Ryan

Marc and Marlowe facetimed me earlier tonight so I could hang with my homegirl Ryan while she ate dessert. During our hang sesh she spoke her new catchphrase ("Hey queen!"), revealed her current favorite bedtime book (Iggy Peck, Architect) and divulged the name of her toy flashlight (Hot Dog). She also got a timeout for hucking a spoon across the dining room when her mom suggested they save the rest of her ice cream for tomorrow but we had such a great time together that I'm gonna leave that part out.