Brooklyn Bestie Brunch, a Genial Genie and Some Noodles: A Sunday Spent in New York City

I landed in the Big Apple late last night and in the middle of this morning loaded into a Lyft for Williamsburg to bask in boozy brunch at The Bedford with Alex, Danielle, Jay and Michael…

…before borrowing a bicycle to cross the Queensboro Bridge so I could attend Aladdin at the New Amsterdam with Laura…

…followed by an end to the day with Peroni and pasta at Rezdora.

Monterey Mischief, or In All That Time Since

I’m homeward bound on an airport shuttle bus after spending two days in Monterey with College Roommate Danielle and one persistent thought that’s been bouncing around my brain parts throughout the ride is that we shared a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn thirteen years ago and in all that time since neither of us bothered to build back the boundaries we obliterated while living almost literally on top of one another as crazy college kids.

For the past two days we’ve shared a bed, a clothing store dressing room, salads ordered out of guilt, late-night pizza slices and close personal secrets and space typically reserved for those in long-term physical relationships.

And I think that’s lovely.

It’s comforting to know that to some I will always be a 21-year-old idiot.


College Roommate Danielle and I wandered into Harrison Memorial Library in Carmel-by-the-Sea after brunch today to hang out amongst free books when we happened upon a magnetic poetry board in the basement “Teen Lounge” which neither of us could pass by without making a contribution.

We were satisfied with our output, particularly the work titled “Corduroy”.