Back at the Fair

Some peeps and I made our way back to the Cloverdale Citrus Fair this afternoon to eat crap and play games in the Sonoma sunshine. Bevan and I shared a basket of lobster fries and then I won a stuffed Rasta penguin for successfully bouncing a dented Wiffle ball off of a lion's face and into a red plastic basket. I did not, however, manage to win a toy for Steve's pool.

My Citrus Fair Debut

We're in Cloverdale for the long weekend this weekend and their annual town carnival, the Cloverdale Citrus Fair, happens to be happening. It was there earlier tonight where I acquired a massive stuffed rainbow penguin doll (pictured above) for paying five American dollars to chuck a beat up old basketball through a beat up old basketball hoop twice in a row. I also bested Sid in a game involving water guns for which I was awarded a purple monkey that Ellie's been eyeing since we got back to the house.