Barcelona Day Uno

Our train pulled into Sants Station around 2:30 and after struggling to figure out the local train system we happened upon our Airbnb, a three-bedroom flat on the top floor of a one-hundred-year-old building that features a terrace overlooking a massive and probably famous statue of a naked toddler straddling a hippogriff (there's a chance I'm wrong about that).

After dropping off our stuff we set out to find food and wound up at a sandwich bar called IRATI Taverna Basca that serves a huge array of pre-made, open-faced sandwiches topped with things like anchovies, cream cheese, prosciutto, salmon and shredded crab meat. The concept is that you take as many of the small "sandwiches" as you want and save the toothpicks that hold the toppings in place on your plate and then they charge you two euros per toothpick when you're done eating. It was delicious and interactive and easily my favorite meal in Spain so far.

Once we turned in our toothpicks at IRATI we headed to the famous bustling color explosion known as La Boqueria, a crowded indoor market in Barcelona's Ciudad Vieja neighborhood where we decided against literally hundreds of candy options and instead purchased large cups of fresh fruit for two euros which we ate with plastic forks while we walked around.

From La Boqueria we walked all the way to Rambla de Mar to peep the sunset but ended up watching a beat-up old cruise-liner dock instead.

It was a long day, I'm beat and I don't have a voice but I do not hate it here.

Yeah Okay Subconscious

I woke up at 2:45 and didn't fall back to sleep until sometime after five and when I finally did I dreamt that I was at a second funeral for my mom. I spent most of the dream sitting alone at a bar-height table in the back of the venue crying loudly while people I know looked at me but said nothing. Also, the buttons kept falling off my shirt. What the fuck does that mean?

This Is My Life Now

Following a rough four-and-a-half-miler through Golden Gate Park during which a ten-year-old with a soccer ball painted on her cheek blew by me as if I were running in the opposite direction, B, Sid and I headed to the mall to shop. On the way Sid and I sat in the back so I could explain all nine seasons of The Office to her because I showed her a clip of Mindy Kaling from season one earlier this week and now she's intent upon watching all two hundred and one episodes, which I am completely on board with.

While at the mall B ended up purchasing one long sleeve t-shirt (pink) from Uniqlo and Sid settled on two pairs of jeans from Gap Kids. I went in another direction entirely and spent my dough on a bacon and salami pizza. Upon our return home we watched season two of The Office, then Bevan and I made the dopest seafood nachos. Now it's nearly ten o'clock so I should probably call it a night because I guess this is my life now.