This Post Is Being Typed From My Bed in San Francisco, California

I’ve got something like 14 in-the-sky airplane rides scheduled in the next few months and thought it might be worthwhile to try and come out on the other side with a functioning liver, so during the flight back to San Francisco today I did a practice round and had zero alcohols. Congratulate me, I’m a hero.

We picked Our Ellie Girl up from Shamrock Ranch this afternoon where she’d been gettin’ home training for two and a half weeks and I haven’t been more than a few feet away from her since we got in the car and would like to not ever be again thank you.

I’ve long had a soft spot for personal blogs and one of my favorite personal bloggers is contemplating retirement. I wrote the comment below on her announcement post and believe it would be lovely if you too, whoever you are, would do the same. The Internet needs her. Let her know Corey Lambert sent you.

I wandered here after this site gained mention on some while ago and have since spent a fair amount of hours milling about the archives. This blog is wonderful, Kari. Your words are honest and the things you post are interesting. You’ve served up the best of Charles Bukowski and Nora Ephron, you’ve doled out “Summer Kitchen”, “The Dangers of Wisdom” and “Otherwise”, you’ve taught me words like detritus and amuse-bouche and, even though I don’t share your fervor, your selling and reselling of Bruce Springsteen has, at the very least, made me curious. You’ve given grades to your puppy and made a video of snowfall. You’ve sussed out the best parts of podcasts, scrapbooked skillfully-snapped photos of summer days whiled away on a lake I’ll never visit with people I’ll never know and waxed on and on (and on) about New York City, the good, the bad and the Upper West Side. And it’s wonderful, Kari. All of it.

Whatever is good for you is what you should do, but I hope you stick around. It’s nice to have a warm place to steal away when there’s a nip in the air. And to echo the comments above, the Internet will never have enough dog photos. Regardless of what you decide, however, I promise I’ll keep trying with Bruce.

78 Things I Did in the 78 Days Since My Last Web Log Post

A numbered list.

  1. bought a watch

  2. took a dip in the Atlantic

  3. stayed in a hotel

  4. stayed out too late

  5. asked a stranger to lunch

  6. asked friends for a favor

  7. broke an iPhone

  8. fixed a table

  9. ran 271 miles

  10. ran into best-selling author David Sedaris on a dark, deserted street in Provincetown, Massachusetts in the middle of the night whilst inebriated and covered in sand

  11. paddled a kayak

  12. rode on a ferry

  13. packed

  14. moved

  15. unpacked

  16. stood in lines

  17. sat in hot tubs

  18. played catch

  19. played catch-up

  20. talked over coffee

  21. talked across continents

  22. blew out candles

  23. sucked in my stomach

  24. won an axe throwing contest

  25. lost many games of Monopoly Deal

  26. spent a week on Cape Cod

  27. spent an evening watching Ellen DeGeneres do standup

  28. worked many hours

  29. read few books

  30. got upset with the world

  31. got upset with myself

  32. laughed

  33. cried

  34. farted (a lot)

  35. turned 34

  36. stayed away from my laptop

  37. stayed close to my dogs

  38. watched a sunrise

  39. watched the sun set

  40. listened to live music in California (Ed Sheeran), Illinois (Billy Joel) and Texas (Troye Sivan)

  41. wrote a poem

  42. assembled a shelf

  43. celebrated two wedding engagements

  44. survived eight airplane flights

  45. submitted expenses

  46. withdrew a statement

  47. gave a back rub

  48. took a staycation

  49. made messes

  50. made up

  51. dressed up

  52. dressed down

  53. threw a fit

  54. threw a frisbee

  55. sent mail

  56. received advice

  57. looked through old photos

  58. listened to new music

  59. whined

  60. dined

  61. hiked

  62. biked

  63. bid farewell to an old friend

  64. waved hello to a new neighbor

  65. walked to work

  66. walked hand in hand

  67. held my breath

  68. held out hope

  69. practiced yoga

  70. practiced patience

  71. rode on trains

  72. picked up pennies

  73. kissed a boy

  74. bled

  75. tended

  76. grieved

  77. mended

  78. typed this list