Wine Country Weekend


In this moment Blazer, Marf and I are en route to Healdsburg for our annual Wine Country Weekend at Sam's parents' house where our plan is to get pre-lifted while we wait for the rest of the crew to arrive from the City.

Because of tomorrow night's Academy Awards telecast most of the road trip conversation thus far has revolved around movies and Blazer legitimately thought that Whoopi Goldberg won her Oscar for Sister Act.

On an unrelated note, I call shotgun on the band name Burrito Enema.

Weekend Scrapbook

The following post is not great. I mean, none of them are, but the following post especially so. It's basically an overly long journal entry about all the ordinary things I did with my weekend. Honestly, don't waste your time.


After weeping my way through all of Friday night and most of yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon I pulled myself together and joined Blazer for a smoothie, fries and a BLT at the Mel's Drive-In on Van Ness. From there we journeyed to the Lower Haight to help B rearrange Sid's room before heading to the Panhandle to imbibe sparkling rosé on Blazer's rooftop.

B and Sid picked me up from Blazer's place around six o'clock so that we could sit in traffic on the Bay Bridge on our way to the IKEA store in Emeryville where we procured a comforter, a rug, two table lamps and three strands of twinkle lights to complete Sidney's bedroom makeover.

After Sid fell asleep B and I watched the pilot episode of Glow on Netflix (thanks for the recco, D) and then NyQuil helped me sleep for eight hours.


This morning I laid in bed until nine exchanging text messages with friends from high school and college before phoning my sister who was playing outside with my niece and nephew. During our FaceTime chat Kelly called Harrison a stinky booty face which is, apparently, a very bad swear word in their household so he ran inside to tell Chris on her leading me to believe that my three-year-old nephew knows very little about how marriage works.

After Kelly hung up I hauled my posterior out of bed and ran three point one one miles through the Panhandle, stretched, ate a bagel and some fruit and then hiked back through the Panhandle to Golden Gate Park to help Dan ring in his 30th year of life with beer, Catch Phrase and paddleball.

Once the inevitable sunburn settled in on the tops of my thighs I made my way home to collect B for drinks at Twin Peaks in the Castro with Matthew.

Now I'm folding laundry in a fetching light blue Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask and not enjoying my three current favorite songs because everybody that I live with fell asleep several hours ago. Also, I'm excited to announce that the day's nearly over and I don't think I've cried once yet.