This picture has made me giggle every single time I've looked at it which honestly has only been like four or five times because my sister Kelly just texted it to me today but still, four or five giggles from one picture feels like a lot. Isn't my nephew Harrison's chipped front tooth the most adorable thing to ever happen to a human mouth? And that belly! Oh my fucking god that belly! I just wanna make fart sounds by blowing on it. He would love that. He loves fart sounds. We all do. And lord, don't even get me started on his hair. He looks like Albert Einstein just woke up from an extremely satisfying nap behind a jet engine. I cannot even believe that my little baby nephew turned three years old this week. I'm so proud of him. Isn't his backpack game so strong? I fucking want one. Seriously, I might buy one on the Internet. They're for toddlers though. But still, v. cute. Toddlers are so lucky. Happy birthday, Harrison! Imma steal your new backpack, bish.