But When Does He Sleep

Around the same time that he was putting the finishing touches on a little thing called Hamilton, Lin-Manual Miranda wrote the words and composed the music for a fifteen-minute musical called 21 Chump Street based on an episode of This American Life. Street premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in the summer of 2014 and Lin played the narrator. Below is the show's maiden performance in full which I think it's pretty grand-tastic.

Barca, the Third Day

Bryan and Jess got up before the sun to go hiking somewhere far outside of the city, Hilary went to a nude beach, Lauren biked the boardwalk, Mary shopped and I putzed around our apartment until mid-afternoon because someone got me sick and I needed to feel sorry for myself in private.

Mary returned home around four and we walked to La Sagrada Família. Once there I realized what it was, an old, massive structure made of stone, and that we'd be traveling, via a tiny elevator, to an exposed bridge near the top of it, so Mary, sensing my impending panic attack, suggested we down some cava and fries at a nearby café until our tour was to begin.

We consumed three glasses apiece and Mary's suggestion proved to be a brilliant one as it gave me just enough courage to make it up to and over the bridge and back down to the ground via a cramped, twisting staircase.

Cava-drunk or not, Antoni Gaudi's La Sagrada Família is a freakin' sight. I'm not big on religious buildings but this place is like a cross between the most spectacular library you've ever seen and the Great Hall at Hogwarts. It's pure magic. Part of the audio tour explains the reasoning behind the precise color choices and positioning of the stained glass windows which has something to do with catching the sun's movement throughout the day because Gaudí believed "The sun is the finest painter." He wasn't wrong.

After the LSF tour we grabbed some bread to eat on the walk home where we we regrouped, toasted with más cava and then headed out for super dope tapas at a place on Rambla de Catalunya called Ciutat Comtal which ended up being most of the group's favorite meal in Spain thus far.

We snagged beer and wine on the way home from tapas, popped some popcorn and stayed up laughing on the terrance until well into morning.