A Friendship Force of Nature

Late last night, after all the rides had been ridden and much of the delivery Chinese food eaten, the eight of us took up residence in the living room of our stay in Kissimmee, Florida to talk about the bachelorette we were there celebrating. Over wine we shared our best Laura memories, laughing a bunch but crying a fair bit, too. It was during that time that I spoke the following toast aloud.


Over the years you’ve been “the person” for several people in this room. As one of those oh-so-fortunate several, I can say from firsthand experience that you don’t carry that mantle lightly. A willing and impeccable listener who’s brutally honest, fiercely loyal and so often selfless, for your people you, Laura Lynch, are a friendship force of nature; a blonde, bossy, brilliant hurricane of sass.

Which is why, as we wrap up this last hurrah before you walk down the aisle (Or ride down it on an elephant? I’m sorry, I should have fact-checked that detail...), I believe, in my heart of hearts, that Maninder lucked into the highest kind of riches when he got you as his forever person.

Let’s all raise our glasses to Laura, for finding her forever person.