In Which I Drop Names and Also Jump Off a Boat Mid-Convo

From my seat at Mark and Mitchell's wedding reception tonight I hardly had to move my head to glimpse two-time Olympic gold medal-winning diver Greg Louganis, Winnie Holzman, the Tony-nominated writer responsible for penning the book for the musical Wicked, or Paul Dooley, the actor who played Julia Roberts' dad in my all-time favorite movie Runaway Bride.

And if being in the same room as those gems weren't enough, I went to the top deck after dinner (because that's where the bar line was shortest) and wound up chatting with a woman who edits books for Simon & Schuster.

Me: It's kinda sad to me that these eight-year-old Vine stars get mammoth book deals for writing their memoirs and perfect little novels like The Book of Joe, for instance, get such little attention.

Her: What did you just say?

Me: Sorry. I just meant that celebrity books are great but this book is deep and well-written and wonderful and I think it deserves more.

Her: Oh I know the book.

Me: Yeah?

Her: I edited it.

Then I said something like "Please hold on for just a moment." and sprinted to the edge of the boat and flung my suited self right into the East River.

But not really.

In real life we posed for a picture together and she let me freak out at her and jump up and down and ask her every obnoxious question ever.

What are the em effing odds that I would be face to face with the human being who's very much responsible for getting into the world a book that I love that so few other people have heard of and that out of all of the books I could've mentioned to said human being I chose to mention that one?

Apparently not awful.

Life is grand that way, isn't it?