So I Peed in Matt's Trunk

The social networking website Facebook reminded Matt, one of my closest friends since middle school, that today marks the two-year anniversary of one of our all-time favorite weekends together. Because he and the other dudes on my hometown text chain live in timezones east of mine, said text chain was buzzing with activity well before my alarm clock went off this morning and I may or may not have been a topic of conversation.

Had I been conscious at this point in the conversation I would've jumped in and completely denied Matt's "He peed in my trunk after this." allegation. Unfortunately, it wouldn't have mattered very much because even though Mike wasn't actually in attendance that weekend I facetimed him into the action because I missed him so much and he just so happened to have snapped (and kept) a screenshot of me doing exactly what Matt said I did.

I woke up right around the time that Mike's screenshot hit the chain and in my so very vulnerable state of being newly awake I owned up to what I did.

I'd like to note that I was actually evacuating my bladder into a bottle and not into Matt's bare trunk. Also, Laura looks pretty grossed out in that screenshot but I guess she wasn't quite grossed out enough to set the damn phone down. Lastly, based on his final comment, (a pretty large) part of me thinks that Mike might be kinda into water sports (and also gay).