Camp Fridabeme

Sidney's school play, an original musical called Camp Fridabeme, opened at Lowell High School last night and a bunch of my friends joined B and I in the audience. It features over two hundred first through fifth graders acting, singing and dancing their way through an A Midsummer Night's Dream-like tale about self-discovery that includes fairies, gnomes, magical bunnies, gender-expansive campers and a villain who bears a striking resemblance to a certain orange-haired lying bag of human shit who I will not mention by name so as not to offend anyone reading this blog post.

The show was completely brilliant and hilarious and tackled a bunch of important topics like being your authentic self, bullying and why building a wall is a fucking terrible idea. Sidney, a featured lead, played a gender-fluid blogger named Brooke and, needless to say, did so flawlessly.