In Which My Taste Buds Had an Orgasm

A new champagne bar called The Riddler opened up in Hayes Valley a few months back and Marf joined B and I there tonight to give it a test whirl.

The bubbles were, of course, dope (I mean come on, it's like alcoholic confetti) and the free all-you-can-eat popcorn was so far up my alley that I barely had to swallow it, but the best part of the evening was by far the touching of my taste buds to a tater tot waffle covered in smoked salmon and caviar. Sure, it's probably the douchiest-sounding dish since $4 toast and I would have never agreed to pay $22 for it if I weren't splitting it with others, but holy fucking shit it was surely the best new thing I've had in my mouth hole since some genius started stuffing burritos with French fries.

I'm not gonna say go try it because the six people who read this blog don't even live in San Francisco, but the least you can do is be happy for me.