Crowded Places by BANKS, or Next Sunday Might Be Very Terrible

I’m not sure if anybody who reads this doofy little website also watches Girls, but I will most definitely be one hot little mess when the show ends forever next Sunday. I just finished this week's episode (oh hay there, Shosh) and I have v. many feelings about it but mostly I just wanna say that this song by BANKS is gonna play on repeat into my ears all week long.

If you do watch the show, please email me or leave a comment on this post or send me a text message about it because even though he's a fan, I know Bevan's sick of hearing me bemoan its end. Before you reach out though, you should probably take the BuzzFeed "Which Girls Character Are You Quiz?" first. I did and I got Ray which makes mucho sense because while I've definitely never been the most mature person in any of my friend groups, I am almost always the moodiest. Also, I ended up with Bevan who's the gay male equivalent of (um, spoiler alert) Aidy Bryant's Abigail.