Wine Time at Harvey's

On our way home from the San Francisco Jewish Community Center after Sid's basketball game last night we—Sid, her best friend Rosie, B and I—stopped at Harvey's in the Castro to eat dinner. Since I had declared it a "No Phones Meal" because, well, screen addiction, to drum up conversation I explained Wine Time to everybody and then we went around the table sharing our favorite parts of the day. Sid's favorite part was making a free throw, Rosie's was deciding, after attending a Catholic mass for the first time in her life that morning, that she's going to be baptized and B's was watching Sid steal the ball and dribble it all the way down the court without passing it off. Because I found it to be a particularly good Sunday, I had to think about my answer for quite a while before deciding that my favorite part was reading on the couch with B, Sid and the dogs (who didn't actually read). It wasn't planned, but it felt really special to grab a bunch of blankets and a book and cram onto the couch with my loved ones for a while.