Another Saturday Night at the Curran

For the second consecutive Saturday night B, Sid and I took the N-Judah to the Curran Theater on Geary Street to see Fun Home, a musical about a lesbian cartoonist whose father, a closeted gay funeral director, committed suicide by stepping in front of a semi truck just four months after she came out to him. I realize that it doesn't sound very uplifting, but there's actually a lot of beauty in it, mostly in witnessing Allison, the aforementioned lesbian cartoonist, figure out and then eventually accept her sexuality. I wish it existed when I was a kid and I wish that I'd been taken to see it on two consecutive Saturday nights in a theater filled with mostly gay people.

My current favorite song from the soundtrack is called "Maps" (my previous favorites include "Ring of Keys" and "Telephone Wire"). It's about how from his birth to his death certain circumstances, some entirely out of his control, caused Allison's father to live his whole life inside just a few square miles but that all the while he was so close to roads that could have led him away to places where he would have been able to live openly. I'll stash it below.

Also, I'd like to note that Judy and Kevin, two of my loveliest friends, were at the show too and we all went to a diner for mozzarella sticks afterward.