A Lesson in Gratitude

Sometimes when I think I'm having a bad day I'll type rosemarylambert.com into my web browser and take a look at the world the way my mom saw it. One of my favorite posts is titled "What Are You Grateful For Today?" which she wrote in May of 2013 when ALS was really starting to take hold. At the top of the post is a picture of a double rainbow arching over the lake in front of my parents' condo followed by the words "Some of the things I am grateful for today are:" and then a list. At the time she wrote it I didn't think much about it, probably because that's just how my mom always was, but now I see so much beauty in it. She was young and dying and leaving behind this great big happy life that she had worked really hard to build, but somehow, incredibly, she still found so many things to be grateful for.

  • Rainbows.

  • Waking up in the morning, after getting a full night sleep, next to my warm and cuddly husband Mark.

  • Being able to speak with clarity.  Grateful for an amazing medicine.

  • Being able to shave my legs.

  • Having a husband that will help me dry my hair after a shower because my arms are a little weak.

  • Walking hand in hand with Mark on the shore of Lake Michigan this morning.

  • Enjoying nature and appreciating the beauty of the green in the leaves and the beautiful flowering trees.

  • The smell of lilacs.

  • Listening to the birds sing.

  • Having the opportunity to meet Ashley Goulet’s sweet Uncle Joe three days ago. Sadly, Uncle Joe died in his sleep this morning.

  • Naps.

  • Mark being a great cook.

  • Beautiful cards, e-mails, phone calls, texts and prayers.

  • And of course, all of the love in my life.

Today I'm grateful that my mom kept a blog so I'll always know where to look when I've lost track of my Rosemary-colored glasses.