I Had a Breakthrough Tonight

I had a breakthrough tonight.

B totaled his car a few weeks ago (don't worry, everybody's fine) so we took BART to Berkeley after I got out of work tonight to shop for a replacement. The dealership's website told us that they'd be open until 7:00pm but when we got there at 6:25 the doors were locked. We knocked on the glass and an employee appeared in the distance but ducked out of sight when he saw us. Needless to say, B didn't get a new car and we'd traveled all the way to the East Bay for nothing and I was fuming as we walked back toward downtown Berkeley. Here's where the aforementioned breakthrough happened. Normally I would have let something like a business' website bearing false information or bad customer service ruin my evening. But instead I cursed McKevitt Fiat of Berkeley under my breath for a few blocks, considered whether or not I wanted to carry the negativity with me for the night and then calmly suggested that we get dinner. Rather than pick a stupid fight with Bevan and go to bed angry, we split a bottle of champagne, ate some delicious Creole food and enjoyed a Lyft home.

Some people can let little bumps in the road roll off their shoulders without a second thought, but I'm not one of those people. I hang on to everything. I always have. I'm both irritable and a dweller, but I'm trying really hard not to be, and tonight, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I wasn't.

Like I said, breakthrough.