I'm in a Blanket Fort Right Now

Neither of us have school tomorrow so Sid and I devoted a big chunk of this evening to building a massive blanket fort in the middle of the living room. We employed all of the pillows and most of the blankets in the house as well as an old pair of crutches that we found in the attic. The end result is first-rate. Buddy and Patches are in here with us and for a time that's pretty much all I wanted out of life, to be in a blanket fort with dogs. I used to do this kind of thing all the time when I was a kid but haven't in years and I have no idea why. It's enjoyable and it's free. I feel like maybe 2017 should be the Year of the Blanket Fort for me. Also, Sid and I have been singing the heck out of Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton songs all night, so yeah, I'm flying pretty high right now. Thank you for everything, 2017.