2016 Goals Update #3

April's more than a week old which means that this is a v. tardy March goals update. I'd like to go ahead and blame its tardiness entirely on my father who was distracting me with a buttload of good times while he was visiting San Francisco last week. Excuses aside, said update can be found below.

  • Buy one $1 scratch-off lottery ticket per day and record the results

    • This goal continues to be a super fun dumb idea. Even though I lost $18 in March (and $41 on the year so far), scraping that sticky gunk from the surface of a lotto ticket with a penny each night never gets old. In fact, I'm more than three months into this goal and I still feel like I'm this close to striking it rich every time despite the fact that I've lost on more than half the tickets I've bought. Wait, did I just inadvertently describe gambling addiction?
  • Run a half marathon

    • As the "borrowed" photo at the top of this post suggests, I managed to check this goal off last month. My aim was to finish the Oakland Running Festival Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon in an hour and thirty minutes and while that didn't happen (I finished in an hour and forty-three minutes), I'm still stoked that this one is complete, mostly because my knees have been sore for three months straight and I've spent every Sunday morning since January sweating my way through Golden Gate Park. Although my less-than-stellar race day performance was a bummer, two of my favorite San Franciscans crossed the Bay to cheer me on which more than made up for it. (Thank you, Judy and Kevin. You da best!)
  • Spend at least 100 hours volunteering

    • After producing a big fat goose egg in January and February I'm relieved to report that March put me on the board in this category. Soccer season is upon us again and the folks at the LGBT Center have finally found something that even I can't screw up so I managed to snag almost fifteen hours of service last month. April should put me over the quarter-way mark to get me on pace to end the year with enough hours to achieve this goal.

    • As of the first day of this month I'm a quarter of the way to completing this pretty damn boring but totally effing necessary 2016 goal. God I'm so #responsible.
  • Write a children's book

    • Now that I'm never ever running again I'll have plenty of time to make progress on this one. My early prediction is that this book will likely turn out worse than this blog post.