2016 Goals Update #2

The third month of 2016 began today which means that, according to my finger math, I should be about a sixth of the way through the goals that I set for myself on the first day of January. I think it's important to note that I am not. For a more complete update, please scroll down.

  • Buy one $1 scratch-off lottery ticket every day and record the results

    • Because of #LeapDay, I purchased twenty-nine $1 scratch-off lottery tickets in February. Eight of them were winners (for a total of $19), the rest were not and I ended up down $10 on the month despite torching January's total by a five spot. I'm starting to realize that playing the lottery is not a great way to make money.
  • Run a half marathon

    • I ran 55.6 miles in February, including an eleven-miler through Golden Gate Park on the 21st, so I feel okay about this goal. I should confess that I was supposed to have run more, but drinking mudslides on the beach in Puerto Rico took precedence. Regardless, if I ignore the pain in my knees and manage to locate my running shoes, I feel confident that I'll wrap this goal up by month's end.
  • Spend at least one hundred hours volunteering

    • The current score on this goal is still 0/100 but the Rooftop Ravens are back on the soccer pitch next week, so it looks like March might not end in a third consecutive shutout.

    • I am currently two twelfths of the way toward achieving this goal. Also, whoever came up with the word twelfths was probably very drunk because most of the word is just slurring.
  • Write a children's book

    • My plan of not doing anything to further this goal until I've completed my 'Run a half marathon' goal is still my plan. I have a feeling that this goal is gonna be the hardest.

Other things unrelated to goal-achieving (or lack thereof) that happened in my life in February of 2016 include: