Today, or All the Shit I Did

I woke up at seven o'clock this morning, read the final chapter of John Corey Whaley's Where Things Come Back in bed with the dogs, got out of bed, peed, laced up my running kicks, ran five miles through Golden Gate Park with Gay Running Club, stretched, took a shower, hopped on the train for an hourlong ride 'n read sesh (David Arnold's Mosquitoland) so as to not fall behind on my Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge, hopped off the train, ate sushi in Inner Parkside, picked up a lottery ticket from Safeway, hopped back on the train, arrived home, scratched off said lottery ticket and won three bucks (I'm still down $13 for the month), brought the dogs to the dog park in the Castro, took pictures of the furniture staging at Chris and Roby's house because they're in Louisiana right now, dropped Sid off at her mom's place in Bernal, saw Deadpool with B in West Portal, ate pizza, searched in vain for the latest episode of Broad City on Hulu but watched Modern Family and Snervous instead and now it's now which is late so, um, night.