2016 Goals Update #1

On the very first day of this year I posted a post on this web log containing a list of five things that I'd like to do in 2016. Zero of the things will change the world or even my own life, but I wanted to do them anyway, so I tossed the list out into the void in an effort to force some accountability and now that February has begun I'm gonna share an update because, well, guilt.

  • Buy one $1 scratch-off lottery ticket every day and record the results

    • Except for the part where I've lost more than half of the money that I've put in, I'm absolutely killin' this goal. Out of the thirty-one $1 scratch-off lottery tickets that I purchased in January, six of them were winners for a total payout of $14, which means that I'm only $17 in the hole. I should note that I realize that this goal is pointless AF, but I've always wanted to try it so please do me just one tiny little favor and STFU.
  • Run a half marathon

    • In preparation for the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon in Oakland on March 20th I struggled through sixty miles of running in January (peace out, knees), including an eight-miler this past Sunday morning. I'm not ready to set a goal time just yet, but I've been consistently finishing the longer runs at a seven-ish minute per mile pace, so I'm hoping that an hour and a half-ish finishing time is possible.
  • Spend at least one hundred hours volunteering

    • I thought that this goal would be the easiest of the five to achieve based on last year's numbers, but the organization that I volunteered with for much of 2015 is renovating their space so they suspended my program until the fall. I expect to make up quite a few hours in the spring when soccer starts up again, but right now I'm still searching for opportunities that'll help me put a dent in this goal. So yeah, current score: 0/100.

    • I'm currently 1/12 of the way to achieving my goal of putting [REDACTED AMOUNT OF MONEY] into my savings account in 2016, which is exactly where I should be one month into the new year because, well, math.
  • Write a children's book

    • I've had an idea for a children's book floating around inside my brain parts for a long time now and so I spent January organizing those thoughts into an outline. Although I've been plugging away at this one little by little, I think that, realistically, it's gonna sit on the back burner until the end of March when I'm no longer spending my weekends running and then stretching and then being tired and sore from running and stretching.

Other things that I'd like to note about 2016 thus far is that I'm little a bit disappointed in the number and quality of my web log posts which I will blame on there being not enough hours in the day and also on the fact that I haven't been reading very much (seriously though, reading fuels writing). Thus far I've finished just one book in 2016 (Postcards from the Edge), whereas last year I'd been through almost three books at this point.

On a much happier note, my 2016 mimosa intake is at an all-time high (Vitamin C, y'all) and I've eaten like forty bananas so far, so my poops have been super consistent and, quite frankly, the highlight of so many of my days this year.

Oh yeah also, I got dogs.


If you've made goals for 2016, lemme know how they're going, unless, of course, they're going at all better than mine are, in which case, please do me just one tiny little favor and STFU.