Sunday Night Journal

Alan, one of Bevan's lifelong besties, arrived in SF from Washington, D.C. last night so the three of us grabbed dinner at Catch in the Castro and then headed to Midnight Sun for a nightcap which we enjoyed while hanging out with Sidney's hot principal and his hot husband. We, Alan and B and I, then went home in a Lyft, had some wine on the couch and hit the hay.

This morning I laid in bed and caught up on some VITM (Very Important Text Messaging). When I finally got up I foam-rolled my legs and ate cold pizza before joining Alan and Bevan in Bevan's car, which we rode to the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco to watch Sidney's fourth grade basketball team beat another fourth grade basketball team 7-5. We all ate lunch at a restaurant in the lobby after the game and then returned home to watch several episodes of The Office, one of which contained perhaps my favorite two-ish minutes of scripted television ever.

After having a moment to the part of The Office that I embedded above these words (yes B cried, obviously), the four of us went to Duboce Park to play two-on-two basketball in the rain. Sid and I beat Alan and B pretty handily and that was very fun but not exactly fair because, well, youth. We said goodbye to Alan after basketball (he had a dinner thing in Half Moon Bay) and hello to my pal Roscoe who's visiting San Francisco from Los Angeles, but whom I knew during my Chicago days. Roscoe came over for dinner and left a little bit ago because he's got a 6:30am flight tomorrow.

Bevan is currently pressuring me to close my laptop computer and join him in bed, so I'm just gonna leave this post just as it is and go do that.

I hope this week doesn't suck.