Notes in My Lunch Box

During the tribute to our mom at her funeral celebration two weekends ago my sister Kelly spoke about how she used to send us to school almost every day with notes inside of our lunch boxes or, in many cases, on the outside of our lunch bags. I'm not really sure what my siblings did with their daily notes, but throughout high school I would tear them off of my lunch bags and tape them on the inside of my locker until it was covered in a giant brown collage. On one particular day, and I actually remember this, my friend Jenna, whose family had spent more than one high school spring break traveling with my family, asked if she could have one of my lunch bag notes for her locker and I said yes. Although I'd long forgotten about that note, during the happy hour portion of my mom's funeral celebration Jenna handed me an envelope, inside of which was a card that read:

I think it was 9th grade, but your mom would write you quotes on your lunch bag. I remember reading this quote and loving it! I ripped it off your lunch bag and kept it in my locker for 4 years of high school, took it to college with me, and still use it as my signature on all emails. It was always a nice reminder to be kind to others. I never knew who wrote that quote, but it always reminded me of Rosemary. I figure if I can be half as kind as she was, I'd be doing alright! So I return your ripped lunch bag quote to you! I loved your mom and she will be deeply missed!

Also inside of that envelope was a torn piece of lunch bag decorated with my mother's handwriting.

I have received hundreds of the most wonderful cards and emails and letters and phone calls and text messages over the course of the last two and a half weeks, several of which will probably make their way onto the pages of this web log, and this is among those that I will keep for always.