From the Board

Three or so years ago while my parents were in town on a visit Bevan arranged for all of us to take a private tour of San Francisco City Hall. During said tour my mom and my dad and I stood for pictures in front of the bust of Harvey Milk, climbed to the top of the dome and sat in on a meeting of the Board of Supervisors, a group of eleven elected officials who create the City's laws. My mom was so in awe of the building's beauty that she sent Bevan and I a framed photo that she'd taken of us during the tour almost immediately after she returned home to Michigan. It's for all of those reasons that I find it so special that a couple of weeks ago I received the following letter from the Board of Supervisors in the mail. The letter, which boasts the seal of the City and County of San Francisco, is dated September 9, 2015 and contains the following words:

Dear Corey Lambert:

This is to inform you that upon a motion made by Supervisor David Campos, the Board of Supervisors adjourned its regular meeting of September 8, 2015, out of respect to the memory of Rosemary Lambert.

The member of the Board, with a profound sense of civic and personal loss, are conscious of the many fine qualities of heart and mind which distinguished and brought justifiable appreciation to Mrs. Lambert.

The Supervisors realize that mere words can mean so little to you at a time such as this, but they do want you and the members of your family to know of their deep sympathy and heartfelt condolence.


Angela Calvillo
Clerk of the Board

Supervisor David Campos read some words about my mom to close the board meeting and it was surreal to hear him speak about her and I wish she knew the impact that she's still having on the world.