Saturday Scrapbook

As I wrote on this web log two days ago, the activities that I participated in yesterday include Gay Running Club in Golden Gate Park with Bevan and Sidney (I ran a brutally slow three-point-one miles), brunch in Oakland with Jamie and Kari (I ate one twelve-dollar breakfast sandwich), a soccer game in McCoppin Square with the Rooftop Ravens (we defeated the JCCSF Chipmunks five to zero), lunch at Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company with Bevan, Caitlin and James (we shared French fries, mimosas and wings with jalapeño ranch dressing) and dinner and drinks with Bevan, Michael and Shevelle at Charlie and Danielle's place in Cow Hollow (the menu included bubbly, tacos from Tacko and vodka lemonades). Although the day was a complete and utter blasty from beginning to end, I did not do even a passable job of documenting it photographically. In fact, below these words are the only three non-FaceTime screenshots that I managed to capture.

I think it's worth noting that because yesterday more than adequately fulfilled my fun quotient for the weekend, today, with the exception of brunch, I did pretty close to zero things, which was duh-ope.