The Diaper Sessions

My sister Kelly called me on FaceTime as I was leaving the office tonight and upon seeing my face on the tiny screen of her iPhone my nephew Harrison, clad in nothing but a diaper, smiled with his whole face and all four of his teeth and yelled "Coyee" and then took off. He returned a moment later and was wildly strumming a tiny guitar and for the next few minutes he used that tiny guitar to treat me to acoustic versions of all his best stuff. I snapped a bunch of screenshots during his performance because he was being so darn adorable and also because in about five seconds he's gonna be in high school and then college and then getting married and raising goofy, diaper-clad, guitar-strumming children of his own and I guess I just wanted to be able to freeze time for a little bit, even if snapping a few dark and fuzzy FaceTime screenshots was the only way I could do it.