Third of July

I've spent the last seventy-two hours being a little bit sick with a cough and a sore throat but I'm determined to suck the marrow out of this long weekend anyway and so this morning I had brunch at Squat with B and Issa and then played tennis in OAK with Tommy and then attended the most fabulous birthday dinner party in a beautiful backyard garden on a hill in Bernal Heights with a whole bunch of interesting middle-aged gay men and a whole bunch of champagne and seafood paella before ending it all with mucho tequila at Don Ramon's in SoMa to ring in Nati's sixtieth birthday, which is where the above photo booth snaps were snapped.

I would really love to type more things down for remembering but I tossed back a tiny plastic cup of drowsy cough syrup about ten minutes ago and my eyelids are starting to feel like shutters so I just want to say that this day was super dope AF.