The Night Off

B, Sid and I kicked off the week by hosting all five members of the Johnston family at our place for cheese pizza and YouTube karaoke on Monday (see above photo), then I helped out in the computer lab at the LGBT Center until dark on Tuesday and last night B, myself and six swell peeps celebrated a birthday with dinner and drinks at Piperade downtown (see below photo).

So this evening when B requested my presence at a political "gayla" at some Asian restaurant on Pacific Avenue I politely declined in favor of quality time alone on the couch with a bag of potato chips, my headphones and George Clooney, my MacBook Air. While I certainly dig havin' rad shiz on my calendar, it was supremely wonderful to head immediately home after work tonight just to pace circles around the kitchen island while gabbing on the phone with Sassy for half an hour before eating a sandwich at my favorite spot near the window with my nose in a novel.

But I'm not getting used to it.

Starting tomorrow I will have zero free evenings for seventeen consecutive days, during which time I'll travel to Cloverdale, Napa, Chicago, Muskegon, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco and then Chicago again before my little road show culminates back in the Bay on August second. When the trip is said and done all of the miles and minutes will have amounted to one wedding, two birthday parties, four days with my family, seven airplane flights, hundreds of alcoholic beverages imbibed (because, well, flying) and thousands of memorable moments lived (probably).

Until then, these potato chips are dope.