Happy Birthday, Sam

Kate's Kitchen Brunch.JPG

Sam arrived from SoCal last night to ring in her twenty-eighth year as a person of this planet in San Francisco this weekend and so earlier today, after Gay Running Club, me and my sweaty bod joined her and Kari and Ray at Kate's Kitchen in the Lower Haight for gluten free biscuits and mimosas and veggie scrambles. Sam and I met one another through Kari four or so years ago at Biergarten in Hayes Valley and I have come to know that she's another one of those endless people who is smart and wonderful and oh-so-great at a great many things. For instance, she's currently earning a master's degree in Organizational Behavior and also working full-time and also writing an incredibly witty column about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for The San Francisco Examiner and also she hosts a mean Titanic-themed house party (see photo below) that includes homemade grocery bag life jackets and Celine Dion kitchen dance-offs and also happy birthday to you, Sam.