From a Lyft on My Way to O'Hare

It's 4:28am and I'm typing these words from a Lyft (see above photo) on my way to O'Hare to catch a 6:08am flight back to the Bay. Since Wednesday of last week I will have traveled for thirty-one hours on planes, trains and automobiles to spend roughly seventy-six hours with my loved ones and in all honesty it was, excuse my language, really fucking worth it. I squeezed in a ton of QT with my folks and my sibs, kissed a whole bunch of babies, hugged so many old friends, partook in fitness and spent enough time outdoors enjoying Michigan in June to have earned a gorgeous burn line between the shoulder and forearm on both sides of myself.

I know I've missed a couple of posts in recent days, but because quite a lot of life happened during that time I'll probably resort to publishing backdated entries later this week which may confuse folks subscribed to this web log via email or RSS feed but in the immortal words of my Dallas bestie Sassy Laura, "Sorry I'm not sorry."

But seriously though, I'm sorry.