Proud to Be Home

Amanda picked me up at my parents' place at Balcom's Cove around 6:45 this morning and together we headed downtown to sweat our way through the 34th annual Mercy Health Seaway Run. I'd been training for several months with my mind set on the goal of finishing a 5K race in less than nineteen minutes and even though this year's Seaway Run fell on the same weekend as San Francisco Pride I decided that I was gonna try and achieve that goal at home. So I walked up to the starting line in front of the Muskegon Family YMCA just before 7:45 with Nate, one of my best friends since middle school, and while we were bouncing around and chatting and nervously awaiting the sound of the gun I looked up and saw Bryan and Kelly and Ashley and Chris and Harrison standing fifteen or so yards in front of us wearing homemade rainbow-decorated t-shirts that said 'Love' and 'Love is Love' and 'Pride' on them and in that moment my heart felt close to bursting.

In the end I missed my goal time by two seconds (I finished in 19:01), but I couldn't really be mad about that or about anything really because my own Pride Parade had been there to support me and I got to see a whole bunch of friends, many of whom I hadn't seen in far too long, and it felt really damn good to feel so at home at home.