I Made It

After taking a plane to a train to a bus (see above photos), I made it home to Muskegon around one o'clock this afternoon. My dad had picked me up from the Megabus parking lot in Grand Rapids at eleven forty-five or so and Kelly and my mom were hanging in the living room when we reached them about an hour later and although I was quite tired from a night of no sleep and some booze I nixed a nap and stayed up to chat for a while. After some time my dad bounced to run errands and so I wheeled my mom down to the marina and we sat in the sun and watched the lake breathe and neither of us said very many words but I held her hand and we were together and that was enough.

At around five my dad and I headed to the north side of town to snag Harrison from daycare and because my extended family is large and my hometown is quite less so I ran into two of my cousin Ashley's babies, Carter and Allie, who go to "school" with Harrison. Even though I'm not entirely sure they knew who I was, the two of them were kind enough to indulge me in a groupie anyway.

On our way home Harrison danced along to the radio from his car seat and my dad decided to stop at Sam's Club to grab crab and scallops and shrimp for dinner and they too allowed me a groupie.

We finished eating dinner a little while ago and everyone has either gone home or gone to bed and today was a great day but I'm extra large tired and so sleep is going to happen in a few moments but I figured I should write at least some words down just in case I want to remember this stuff.