Confront the World

A colleague of Daniel's experienced a last-minute change of plans this afternoon and so Daniel and I were the oh-so-fortunate recipients of two stellar tickets to see A Little Night Music this evening. Our impromptu night out began with a trip to the Apple Store for an iPhone case replacement and continued over Chipotle takeout at a café table in the plaza in Union Square before ending with a spectacular evening at the Geary Theater on Geary Street. Although I did see this very same production of Stephen Sondheim's masterpiece not so many days ago, during this performance I managed to hold inside of my head one precious line that I'd intended to jot down the last time I'd heard it before it got lost in the applause that followed and that line, which is delivered by the wealthy and widowed lawyer Fredrik Egerman, is:

Well, I think I should get up and confront the world, don't you?

Also, please disregard the brilliant sheen on our faces and foreheads in the photo above. The important thing is that we're happy and and healthy and smiling and I guess what I'm trying to say is that I tried but failed to Photoshop the glare away.