With My Little Eye

I called my parents on FaceTime while I was walking down 2nd Street toward China Basin to grab a salad at Focaccia yesterday afternoon and my dad answered the phone just as my brother-in-law Chris and my newest nephew Harrison were walking into my parents' condo for a visit and so my dad propped the phone up on a side table in the living room so I could visit too and Harrison immediately hustled over and stood directly in front of the camera for several minutes chatting and doling out high-fives and gooey kisses and four-tooth smiles all while doing a pretty incredible job of not sticking the whole darn phone into his mouth and then all of a sudden he was gone but I could still hear him breathing so I knew he hadn't gone too far and I asked my dad what the little turd was up to and my dad said that the little turd had walked all the way around the phone to try and find the rest of me.