The Scenic Route

After three train rides (Muni, BART and AirTrain), two plane flights (both delayed), a forty-five minute car trip (thanks for the lift, Kelly), one snow-covered layover, a couple of orders of French fries (one from Mission Bar & Grill at San Francisco International and one from a McDonald's in Grand Rapids) and a handful of adult beverages (one margarita, one mimosa, one to-go coffee cup of champagne and two Bloody Marys) I finally made it home to Michigan a short while ago. Although the nearly twelve hours of travel and the turbulent skies and the fact that it's almost 3:00am Eastern Standard Time are all non-awesome things, I'm looking so damn forward to waking up bright and early tomorrow morning to the sounds of my beautiful family moving about the house that I couldn't frown even if I wanted to.