A Diary Entry

I woke up at six o'clock this morning with sore legs from my Gay Track Club debut on Sunday but forced myself to run a few miles through the Panhandle anyway. Despite an ugly start, I rallied to finish at a respectable 6:49 pace.

Following the run I hauled my sweaty body into the living room to stretch and offer Sidney feedback on her latest wardrobe choice (pictured above), then Bevan rushed her off to school and I got back into bed. After a too-short nap I showered, dressed myself and hustled toward the N-Judah at Church and Duboce, FaceTiming Kelly on the way so we could discuss Harrison's latest trick (he kind of says 'moo'). We said 'goodbye' just as I boarded the N where, a moment before, someone had tossed their cookies in my train car. The conductor spent the next ten minutes corralling enough newspaper from a box down the street to cover the mess (pictured below) and away we went. Thirty minutes later I exited the train at 2nd and King and FaceTimed Kelly again, this time to tell her about the puke while I speed-walked the last blocks to my office.

During lunch I continued reading The Bridges of Madison County and enjoyed a spinach and arugula salad topped with black beans, edamame, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes in sesame soy dressing from Focaccia in China Basin.

After work I took the 45 bus to Oasis Grill on Market Street where I read and ate fries while waiting for Tommy to get out of work. When he finally did we walked to Union Square to begin our weekly tennis-less Tennis Tuesday outing which started with a drink at Tunnel Top and ended with a 7:00pm showing of Mr. Burns, a post-electric play at the American Conservatory Theatre on Geary.

The walk home was spent talking on the phone with Jamie and now I'm lying in bed with a plate of hot, salsa-topped quesadillas and Bevan, who is alternating between scratching my back and doing something work-related on his laptop.