On This Day

I spent most of my afternoon in Room 400 at San Francisco City Hall attending a big-deal-ish hearing for work and afterwards I went downstairs to Bevan's office and we left City Hall together and he dropped me off at home and I FaceTimed with my folks and Chris and Kelly and Harrison (he's talking so darn much now), ran a quick three-point-one through the Panhandle at a 6:37 pace, stretched, FaceTimed with Marf, showered and hopped an all-Midwestern Lyft Line (the driver was from Detroit and my fellow passenger was from Ohio) to Don Ramon's Mexican Restaurante to meet Bevan, Sidney and Will, a friend of Bevan's who's in town from Delaware on a work trip, for dinner and drinks. Upon my arrival at said restaurante Lee, the owner, presented me with a bucket of gluten free beer, which I graciously accepted and then imbibed (imbibing pictured below) whilst eating an order of the dopest taquitos in San Francisco. Sidney fell asleep at the Family Table not too long after I arrived so we said goodbye to Will and B carried Sid to the car and we drove home and I got into bed which is where I'm typing this these words from and now I shall sleep.