This Is My Life Now

Following a rough four-and-a-half-miler through Golden Gate Park during which a ten-year-old with a soccer ball painted on her cheek blew by me as if I were running in the opposite direction, B, Sid and I headed to the mall to shop. On the way Sid and I sat in the back so I could explain all nine seasons of The Office to her because I showed her a clip of Mindy Kaling from season one earlier this week and now she's intent upon watching all two hundred and one episodes, which I am completely on board with.

While at the mall B ended up purchasing one long sleeve t-shirt (pink) from Uniqlo and Sid settled on two pairs of jeans from Gap Kids. I went in another direction entirely and spent my dough on a bacon and salami pizza. Upon our return home we watched season two of The Office, then Bevan and I made the dopest seafood nachos. Now it's nearly ten o'clock so I should probably call it a night because I guess this is my life now.